Episode 5 Top 10 newbie mistakes when getting started

Hi Angela here with that helpful chick and Welcome to our fifth episode so today I want to talk about Top 10 newbie mistakes when getting started.

#1 – solely listening to advice regurgitated by others and NOT doing your own research

There are a lot of people online who will give you advice. Some know what they are talking about and some are just full of shit. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing the difference. That’s why it is important for you to do your own research. Don’t jump at the first guru you come across. Follow them, subscribe to their emails – find out what they are about. And if at all possible – meet them in person. This is the best way to really to get a sense of them.

#2 – thinking you can just put a website up and start making money (expecting immediate profit)

It takes work to build a business and the same is true whether it’s online or a physical business. THere is so much more to it then just building a website and I will go into more detail about this in future episodes.

#3 – not knowing who your audience is

You can’t sell steak to a vegetarian right? So you would not market to them. You need to know your audience. Do you have a product? Then know who it is that your product is going to help the most and speak to them. Create a avatar for yourself so you can have that one person to speak to. This makes your blogs, emails and sales copy more personal and more likely to get you conversions

#4 – not focusing on your audience

Yes we all got into business to make money but if you’re focused on the sale or on your bank balance then you’re not going to succeed. You need to focus on your audience and how you can help them. People buy solutions not products.

#5 – waiting til everything is ‘perfect’ to launch

Nothing will ever be perfect and you will go broke waiting on it to be perfect. Make it ‘good enough’ and launch already. Create the first module and then advertise it as a beta test. Get people to pay a smaller price to be part of your beta test and then you will have testimonials as well.

#6 – Analysis paralysis

Do you need to know your stats? Sure you do. Do you need to be checking them every hour on the hour, hell no. For your stats to be of any benefit to you, you need to look at the big picture. When looking at your analytics for your website for example – you want to see the behavior over a period of time. When you’re looking at your FB ads, you want to leave it for at least 48 hours so you can really see how the ad is performing.

#7 – looking for shortcuts

Sure there are a lot of ways to make quick cash when working online but this is no way to build your business. Look at the long game. Cutting corners and looking for shortcuts doesnt get you anywhere.

#8 – shiny object syndrome

You will also go broke quickly if you buy every new product or software you see. You will also get nowhere if you jump at every new strategy you come across. These are what is known as ‘shiny objects’. They will distract you big time and keep you from progressing and growing in your business.

#9 – not checking links

Always always always – check your links. You will lose so many sales if you’re buy links aren’t working and have to hurry up and make quick fixes. You want all of your links to work

#10 – going it alone

It’s important to have people in your life who understand what you are working towards and support you in your dreams and goals. It would great if they also understand the biz. I love going to meetups and talking to other people who know what the hell I’m talking about.

Bonus – having no clear goals

Sure you can just start writing a blog and see where it leads but that’s not going to make you any money is it? Set goals for yourself. Find out what you want to do, what you have to do to get there (goal) and then do it no matter what! And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet your goal by a certain date. It’s more important that the goal is achieved  than when it is achieved.

I hope you found that useful. I look forward to talking with you next time.

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